Custom Ringtones for the iPhone… Finally!

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tuaw.gifIt looks like Apple has quietly slipped the ability to import custom ringtones via the latest version of GarageBand. The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) has a quick post up about a new Apple support page that mentions a new “Share > Send Ringtone to iTunes” option.

There have been reports of other options for iPhone users doing various hacks or file renaming to trick the iPhone into taking a custom ringtone. This keeps users from having to buy their ringtones from the iTunes store for $1.99 (when most of their tracks only cost .99 for a high-quality version).

I’m sure when this is officially announced it will be greatly heralded everywhere as a smart move on Apple’s part. Sometimes I think Apple takes wrong turns and makes huge mistakes in their decisions with regards to things like DRM and sharing and usability – but they usually end up proving me wrong when they correct these sorts of issues with a new release or update to the software. For example, people have been dogging DRM on music files ever since there existed such a thing. Apple has DRM’d music tracks for sale on iTunes. Apple doesn’t prohibit adding non-DRM’d files to your iTunes library or syncing to your iPod, but recently made higher-quality, more expensive DRM-free tracks available for sale. Go Apple!

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