Have a Green Holiday: Use LED Rope Light to Decorate

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Aside from being enviro-friendly, LED rope light is pretty nifty, and can come in an assortment of colors. While you might think of LED rope lights as the kind of thing you’d find in bars, as step lighting, in movie theaters, store windows, decks, patios, boats and RVs, I tend to think with some red and green and white LED rope lights you could easily decorate your house for Christmas.

LED rope lights use only about .47 watts of power per foot. Compare that to the power-hungry incandescent rope lighting, and you’re looking at about 6 watts of power per foot. Even better for your wallet, LED rope lighting will last about 50,000 hours, so it needs replacement less often. A big concern for the holiday season is safety – and since the LED lights only put out a very small heat signature, they’re a lot safer than conventional decorative lighting.

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