NY Times Thinks You Could Do Less to do Better

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The New York Times has an article that states, according to some university research, if you’re depressed it could be because you’re a perfectionist. Not necessarily OCD, everything has to be perfect type of perfectionist, but under pressure from peers or family or even self-criticism to be perfect or expect others to be perfect.

The main thing is the expectations you are under, have for others, or impose upon yourself may cause you to be depressed when those expectations are not met. That can lead to stress, which can lead to sleep and other health issues, and eventually into depression.

Their solution? “Stop that!” – no, seriously. Don’t get to work early. Leave on time. Take all the breaks available. Don’t go the extra mile. Let things that aren’t your responsibility go for once. Only do your own work.

It sounds like I’m on a pretty good track for staying away from depression. Woo hoo.

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  • Lauren @4BabyAndMom

    Wanted to thank you again, for your extra drink ticket at Howl at the Moon. Going to email you this week, the family battled the flu this week, and I’m spent. It was great meeting you at Izeafest. Hope to keep in touch!

    • David Myers

      Hey, no problem! I was DD for the evening, and still had a pretty good time! I got sick too on the way home from IZEA Fest, so I know how you feel. I’m still getting over it.

      It was really nice to meet you, too! Just shoot an email over to rt@ragingtech.com when you are ready to get started on straightening out your blog stuff.

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