Gearheads, Greasemonkeys, and Fonzies

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Yes, I did really just make reference to “the Fonz” in my title. I told you, I’m getting old. Actually, I’m not that old at all.

Incidentally, I find it kind of funny that you can order car parts online. It’s a neat combination of two social groups: the geeks, and the mechanics. These two groups are no longer mutually exclusive. I’ve been trying to find good resources for learning to do auto repair online.

As an IT professional, I know that I can usually find the best prices for the things I want online, and I can shop in person to get an idea of what I’ll be receiving. For example, if I wanted to replace my radiator, I could go to and find a replacement Dodge Truck Radiator in the brand and type that I want, and probably get a good price on it. Since they have warehouses all over the US, I might even have my order by the next day.

One of the reasons these internet sites can give such low prices is that they can cut out the middleman and pass on the savings, plus you’re getting a new, name-brand part from an American-owned business instead of cheaply imported lesser quality parts. Now if I could just find someone to teach me how to replace a radiator, I’d be in business.

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