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We made it to Asheville uneventfully; traffic was mild for a Monday morning. Conference registration was at 10:30am, so we registered, and then made early rounds to see what Vendors had just started setting up their booths. I picked up some nice shwag from Sun, CDW-G, Epson, Gateway, and a few other smaller vendors that were more service-oriented.

My first session is called “Birds of a Feather” – I elected to attend the Apple Products demonstration session. It’s interesting to hear what the other universities are doing to integrate new Apple product offerings into the academic environment.

My favorite newish product is iTunesU, which integrates podcasts into university course offerings. Several professors at WCU are using this pretty heavily, such as the Japanese classes, and the Music in Film courses.

Also covered were some issues with BootCamp and Parallels, and creating images to be used on the Mac.

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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