The Return of the Innernets!

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A Wallabee

That’s right, someone finally turned the wheel and opened the floodgates on the series of tubes that is the innernets to my house. Mediacom came out last week and re-installed our cable modem so we could be back online. Boy, the Nintendo Wii sure is a lot more fun when you have internet access.

Strangely, and this may be due in part to its recent absence, I’m still watching more TV than I am getting online. I’m not sure if that’s the onset of lethargy, or just not being used to it. No one talks to me on IM anymore except my mom and my coworkers, and the occasional long-lost pal. It’s not as interesting to me anymore to just sit and browse for hours on end and read random sites. I usually just subscribe to RSS News Feeds and check those every so often, listen to music, and check my email, then get off and go watch some TV.

But that doesn’t sully the fact that I’m pretty happy to have the internet back at home. Now I can IMDB movie stars with the greatest of ease.

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