Free At Last

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“Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty, I’m Free At Last!” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Finally, I’m done with the Big Blue Movie Store(tm). I quit officially on Saturday, May 6th. Unfortunately, on Sunday, May 7th, I got in a car accident on my way home. I’m okay. I just had a few aches and throbbing head and knees for like two days. The other woman who wrecked wrapped her car around a tree, she got out with just a leg injury. We didn’t wreck into each other, but I did hit her car after she totalled it. The rain on I95 was almost torrential that afternoon. I applied my brakes to be safe while passing her accident, but when I did my car fish-tailed and spun off the road, clipping her car as I went into the ditch in the median.

No one got a ticket, and insurance is paying for most of the damage. I was within 100 miles of my house, so AAA was able to tow me and my car home. It’s in the shop; we signed the work order today and the collision shop should have it fixed by early next week. So praise God.

I worked things out with my mom and sister so that tomorrow (Thursday) I can travel back up to Fredericksburg with my mom’s van to get the rest of my stuff and finish moving. I’ve got a week and a half left at home, then I’ll start my transition up to Cullowhee, where I went to school. Wait. I guess that’d make more sense if I told you that I got a job.

I got a job working for the school in their IT department. It’ll be enough to pay rent and my bills, but no benefits. So I might be able to afford extending my health insurance through COBRA from my last job. Pray I find a place to live up there quickly after I start work.

This is all kind of jumbled, and not my best reporting. WordPress got all fubar’d on me earlier. I think my MySQL database tables (some of the engine behind this machine that runs my website) got corrupted or something, so I lost the entry I posted before and the site looked all crazy. I re-installed, and decided to change the theme. Now I’ll be about customizing it all again the next couple weeks. So stay tuned, and wear a hard hat.

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