Life is… Beautiful.

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Jesus is so good to me. I just can’t say it enough. Things have been hard through this winter, but He’s been faithful. You better give mad props to Jesus, because He’s the reason I am at all.

I almost did something to get fired last night. I’ve already had one pre-street (movies that aren’t released yet; we get to preview them so we can tell customers about them when they come out) violation in the last month. I can’t have two within three months or we get fired. I had rented out Pride and Prejudice for Phil and Rachel to watch, and left it in my bag at home Monday when I went in to work.

Thankfully, God had it so that I was working with another manager, which almost never happens, so I was able to leave the store and go get my movie from home and get back to finish closing the store. He is soooo good to me, even when I screw up!

One day, after I’m 82, I think I’ll quit being a dork. Don’t go buying any Cheap Wedding Favors yet, though, mmkay?

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