Katamari Damacy in Flash!

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That’s right, folks. If you don’t know what Katamari Damacy is, you’re in for a treat. The world’s coolest Japanese video game is back, in flash! You can play Katamari Damacy online on any flash-enabled browser. Alas, productivity, I knew thee not.Katamari Damaci - Flash

Sit back in your commercial office chairs and control your katamari (a small creature that likes to roll things into a ball) as he rolls things… into a ball.

Now, at first, the small ball doesn’t have enough gravitational force to attract everything, only small things.

Naturally, the bigger the ball gets, the bigger things it can attract. Eventually, you roll everything in existence into a ball. It sounds crazy, and it’s even more crazy to play.

New Katamari Damacy players and old fans alike will enjoy the flash-based version of the game, not to mention waste many, many hours away from family and loved ones. But that theme song is just so darn catchy!

Katamari Damacy Online (Flash-version)

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