It’s Not a Tumor

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Gov’nah Ah-nold apparently got in an accident on his motorcycle with his son, and has a busted lip with some stitches.

The Daily Show (Comedy Central) had the perfect caption on the pic of Ah-nold and his swollen upper lip: “It’s Not a Tumor.”

Speaking of television – I know some people worship TV like it’s the life-blood of their existence, but some of it is just plain annoying.

For example, I now have a bleeding hatred of the IKEA home furnishings company. The skinny woman with strawberry-hued locks pointing out to her gal pal the prices she paid for everything in her home just gets on my nerves. If you haven’t seen this commercial yet, you’re one of the lucky few. This commercial is one of the few that I can’t simply just get up for a break when it comes on. I have to change the channel just so I don’t have to hear her high-pitched franticism.

All that said, TV is also out to “get” the daytime-TV-watcher. I think more infomercials, Get-Rich-Quick schemes, and vioxx attorney ads appear on daytime TV than the other dayparts. And sadly, a lot of us don’t have the judgement to not get sucked in.

As a disclaimer, I watch daytime TV because I need to kill time and relax on the couch, and sleeping more would probably do something to me psychologically. I do have a job, and I do work full-time hours, just not always when everyone else does. In fact, in about 30 minutes, I’m headed off to work and won’t be home until Midnight, more than likely.

Usually, I like to end my writing with a good closer (“clencher” to wrap it all up), but today I’m going to leave you with this: peanut butter flavored sparkling water.

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