Long Time Comin’

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That’s right folks. It’s been a while. But in the time we’ve been apart, only good things could’ve happened, right? After all, it’s Tuesday.

Since my last update (sorry for the lack of exposition on the extreme video rental idea, I got distracted by WORKING FOR A LIVING), I got promoted to Shift Lead/MOD (Manager on Duty), I’ve moved to a new townhouse about 15 minutes south of where I used to live, and Christmas and New Year’s have past.

Christmas was good – I got to drive home for the weekend to be with my family. I got lots of cooking and kitchen things via mi madre because she got a gift card to Macy’s from work. I got some Christmas CD’s from my dad, and a body pillow and gas cards to Shell from my sister.

New Year’s Eve I had to close at Kate’s Blockbuster on Route 1, the one I’m transferring to, so I worked until about 10:30pm. After work I headed over to the Pastor’s house. When the ball in Time’s Square in New York dropped at midnight, we all counted down and then toasted with champagne (which tastes like crap, by the way) and ginger ale. My pastor tried to kiss me. He was kidding… I think.

Maybe you’ll get a tasty short from me soon, sports fans. I’m not a well of verbage tonight, folks, so this is where it ends.

At this point, I need you to imagine a midget dressed like a baby with a beard and a protesting 2006 sign chanting “I’m here, I’m a new year, get used to it.”

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