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You think there weren’t posts here, and that I haven’t updated for two weeks, but you’d be wrong. I secretly erased them from your memory. You did know you were getting old, didn’t you? I bet if you didn’t have pet tags on your pets, you’d forget what their names were.

Yep. Senility is creeping in on you. Remember that time I loaned you $300.00 so you could get that fancy new sweater? See! I told you you’re getting old. It’s okay, I forgive you for forgetting about it. Now run to the bank and get me that money.

So, right now I’d like to take a moment to publicly lambast my potential future land-lord. I’m not sure if it’s wise or fair to him to post his name here, so we’ll just call him Dr. Witchell Sojack. Witch, for short, didn’t show up last night to show me the apartment he was supposed to – so I ended up waiting in the cold for 40 minutes. Poo on him.

UPDATE:I quit Radio Shack after the first day working there. I’d like to publicly lambast them as well – they don’t train their employees at all, they just throw them out there and correct them as they screw up. I wasn’t allowed to sell any cell phones other than Sprint, even though they were better for someone and we carried them, and I couldn’t sell anything else in the store, even though I didn’t care about the comissions. It definitely wasn’t customer service. I recommend everyone take your money elsewhere.

I ended up going in to work at Blockbuster last night (I hate working on my Sundays off) because someone didn’t show-up for work. I thought they were quitting, but they did call to apologize today. They’re getting written up, but at least they’re not fired yet.

The weatherman says we’re supposed to get 6-8 inches of snow, heaviest around 5pm, when I’m scheduled to be at work. So far, the weatherman is not my friend, because he lied to me. I wanted to wake up this afternoon to a white, snow-laden front yard. Did I? DID I??!? Nay. Instead, I woke up to my dead grass front yard. It didn’t start snowing till I’d been up for an hour this afternoon. Who knows? It might cling to the ground for dear life and tomorrow I’ll wake up to a snowy landscape. I’ll get a picture for you fine people if I can. In the meantime, buy one of my shirts.

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