Deal Alert: Crucial 256GB SSD for $179.99 after $32 Rebate

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Got an email yesterday that Crucial has a 256 gigabyte (GB) Solid State Drive (SSD) on sale for $179.99 after a $32 rebate TODAY ONLY, August 24th. The drive is normally about $199 on Crucial’s website. Why should you upgrade to a solid state drive? A couple of reasons:

  • No moving parts involved means the disk is largely shock resistant. 
  • 2.5″ form-factor means you can upgrade your laptop hard drive.
  • Solid State Drives have a faster boot time, sometimes loading Windows or OS X in about 10 seconds on newer computers.
  • Improved performance time accessing files.
  • Less lag time playing video games installed on the SSD.
  • Put less performance-critical files on your old hard drive in a USB external enclosure. 
  • Storage / cost ratio is coming down quickly.
  • Revive an older computer with a hard drive upgrade to SSD!
Get the Crucial deal on the 256 GB TODAY ONLY (August 24th) for a $32 instant rebate off the regular price.
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