Not Just Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt: WikiLeaks Releases Stratfor E-mails

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Yesterday’s phone call didn’t pan out, but I sent a late e-mail to let them know the bad news about their computer. In case you missed what I’m talking about, I mentioned it here. I got a fairly quick e-mail reply, but no tears. It seems the employee whose computer I was working on no longer works there. You would think that would have been mentioned as I discussed the possibility before I removed the computer from the building. It’s almost closing time for them (and me, at my job) today and no word yet on what they want to do.

Topic change:

Has anyone been following this mess with WikiLeaks still? I know this is so 2010 but apparently the U.S. has had a secret sealed indictment against Julian Assange for over 12 months now. WikiLeaks just released their latest insurance file – a file that contains ALL of the big secrets they’re holding on to, and in the event of major distress/demise the password to the file is released to the general public and the apocalypse begins, supposedly – and some 5 million e-mails from Stratfor and other intelligence firms between themselves and the various government and intelligence agencies across the globe.

I posted about this on Facebook, but seriously guys – how do you write anything on paper, e-mail, chat, text, or any otherwise transmittable media and not expect to be held accountable for it later? Especially if you’re a public figure or government official? I always assumed that the best kept secrets were those no one ever writes down, records, or speaks. Perhaps they still are, and that’s what scares me. /tinfoil hat

The media obviously knows there are terrible, dark, explosive secrets lying in the shadows of our government and its constituent agencies. There have been movies and books and short “fiction” written on the subject since there have been governments, let alone the U.S. government. The government knows that we know. Still, like vampires, they keep up the masquerade because no one can prove their dark secrets, and even if revealed – their strategy seems to be to keep playing it cool. It’s not a dumb strategy; how better to instill doubt than to not say anything at all?

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