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I know I’ll never reach my goal of being a full-time professional blogger if I don’t update, and I apologize to all of my readers for having not shared for a while. Here’s some of the reasons why I’ve been away, both on my blog and on Twitter:

  • Work: I’m shaking up the dust a little by creating a new knowledgebase project which is currently sitting on the desk of the CIO waiting for approval, and I’m working out details ahead of time in the optimism that they’ll approve it.
  • School: I got about a week breather between Spring semester and the start of my Summer class. We’re rolling on that, my schedule is starting to get more established for the summer time.
  • Romantic & Social interests: I like this girl, so I’ve been spending time with her up until school let out, and we still text and chat online and talk on the phone while she’s gone for the summer. She’ll be my date to my Mom’s wedding in a couple of weeks, as long as she can get time off at work. Also, been going to movies and social gatherings (parties, if you will) and doing outside work repairing computers.

So, as you can see, it’s been pretty busy. I’m only apologizing really as a courtesy – I don’t fancy myself so important that people actually miss me. The ones who care check my RSS or Twitter feed to see if I’ve updated, and check the link when it posts to Twitter. The rest of you are all random web traffic or Entrecard, IZEA, or personal friends (thanks for hanging in there with me, guys).

The other day I saw a tweet from Carrie Bright about how if you don’t update your blog for six weeks, maybe you should consider not blogging. Nothing personal, and I didn’t really take offense to it, but it reminded me I’ve been neglecting my public blog in favor of writing down thoughts in my private journal elsewhere. It’s what happens when you have a life outside of what you feel like sharing with the internet. I know I need to make blogging a bigger priority if I want to be successful at it, but my philosophy is to make living my life priority one, and writing about it comes in at least second if not distant third.

Hopefully I’ll have some cool tech articles for you soon, I’ve had some interesting problems at work that I was able to solve that I’m sure will help some of you. As for now, Mom gets married in a couple of weeks and I need to keep up with my grades and that work project.

As for the girl, her name is Theresa: she’s smart and funny and a geek and pretty too. If we end up dating, I’ll be a pretty lucky guy. That’s all for now, but hopefully I’ll be better about updating things here.

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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  • mom

    there is no such thing as luck. you will be blest. God likes to bless his children, He wants the best for us and it sounds like this young lady may very well be top notch. I am happy for you and can’t wait to meet her. If she has caught your eye she must be pretty special. Love Mom

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