Decked Out for St. Patty’s

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Here’s what I wore today for St. Patrick’s Day:


I would have worn the necklaces and other garb, but this was a little neater and cleaner for work. I was already sort of pushing it by wearing the “show me your shamrocks” t-shirt. I like the “Eat, Drink, and be Irish” button though. Tonight after work I’m going over to the Estate and we’ll probably drink green beer and have some Irish-esque food, like sausages and corned beef hash. I’m not a fan of the corned beef, but the sausages I’ll take.

Today also happened to be “Password D-Day” at work – a large group of employees’ passwords expired today to force them into compliance with the new password policy. We’ve been emailing them for weeks, but still some don’t listen or don’t expect they can’t change their passwords once they expire, so they call us. We also had a mandatory staff meeting scheduled on the same day this transpired, so it was just an awkward situation all around. But we handled it. Two hours and fifteen minutes more, and then it’s freedom!

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