Cute Overload: Dolphins Blowing Bubbles

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picture-12My work schedule for this month has been kind of crazy, but good. Coming in late, working late, going home late, staying up late, then sleeping in late. The day winds down a lot after 5pm, and I saw this video of dolphins blowing bubbles and playing with them. The video is posted at SeaWorld’s new site about dolphin bubbles.

It’s amazing what creatures there are in this world to discover and observe. We get so caught up in our daily lives, we forget to stop and look at what the Earth has naturally to amaze and entertain us. There are literally thousands upon thousands of species out there, especially in the Earth’s oceans, that haven’t even been named yet. I love that Sea World, or your local aquarium, have sea creatures on display that we’d otherwise quite possibly never see. There’s the whole zoo & captivity versus free in the wild debate, but you can’t deny the opportunity this sort of thing grants you. Please, if you haven’t lately, stop to take a breather and watch this video, visit the Dolphin Bubbles web site, and take a look at some of nature’s neat sea creatures. You’ll be glad that you did!


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