Personal Announcement: Mom is Engaged!

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It’s crazy. I was out cold as I am wont to do on a Saturday morning, and I hear “Gives You Hell” by the All-American Rejects. It’s my cell phone going off. This sounds terrible, but when I saw it was Mom, I almost hit “ignore” so I could get back to sleep. But I know my Mom knows I sleep in on Saturdays, so I figured it must be important.

“Hey Son, I just thought I’d tell you before you read about it on Facebook – I’m officially engaged to Chris.”

I told her I was happy for her with all the enthusiasm I could actually muster in that state of semiconciousness, and asked if his divorce papers had gone through. She said they had, he showed up at the door this morning (Valentine’s Day) with flowers, his divorce papers, and an engagement ring. He asked, she said yes. They’re getting married June 13th.

Last night I was sitting around at Game Night, thinking about Dad. I was thinking about my being single, and thinking I had no reason to really be in any kind of  celebratory mood the next day, since Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean anything good for me this year. I remembered how Mom told me she had gotten this lady from church who sings nice to come and sing love songs to her and dad at the nursing home last year, and they had a special dinner, etc. Mom went all out for Dad, and he’d have done the same if he could I’m sure. The other day I was talking to Mom on the phone and I almost asked her how Dad was doing, and stopped myself and almost cried. I know it’ll keep being hard, and I know Mom hasn’t abandoned Dad or his memory, and it’s still hard for her.

Grandma is doing rehab and such. They think she may have a clot or something in her leg, which may require surgery. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on there. I’m not sure how the living arrangements are going to work out, I think Mom is still going to move in with Grandma, and I think once Will graduates, Chris will give up his place in his town and move in with Mom at Grandma’s place. Mom plans on using her house then as a photography studio.

So, that’s it. That’s the game, thanks for playing. I’m getting a step-dad and a step-brother come June 13th. Crazy.

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