Netflix Watch It Now Works Well on Macs

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This is probably old news to most of you, but I was pleasantly surprised to login to my Netflix account today and completely forgot that I was on my Mac, and I started to browse the Watch Instantly section and hit “Play” on the movie 21 – and it played! I believe the solution they settled on using was Microsoft’s Silverlight, which was suspected long ago as the platform for cross-platform DRM for streaming services. My favorite radio station used Silverlight for a while, so I had it installed already, but it only worked about half the time. It would stop streaming about half an hour into playing music, and then I’d have to reload. Hopefully that won’t happen here.

The quality is pretty superb, I hope that remains the case for all of the Watch Instantly content.

Did anyone catch the Super Bowl commercial with Alec Baldwin? We’re evil, and we know it. 🙂 That was great. Until next time, kids.

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