Change Starts Today: Barack Obama 2009 Presidential Inauguration

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We haven’t been too political around here lately, but today is the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America. I just want to say, I’m really, really excited about what this presidency is going to mean to history. Not just because he’s the first african-american president we’ve ever had, but because if he lives up to his campaign ideals (notice I didn’t say promises, every politician never seems to live up to those) we’re in for some change for the better. One man can’t fix it all, but Obama certainly seems to have a handle on leading people in the right direction. Time will tell, and we’ll either all be very happy after 4 years and ask for another term, or we’ll be very anxious for the 4 years to be over.

Watch the inauguration in several places today, or watch it online here courtesy of

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