Halloween ’08

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Last night was a pretty good Halloween! Better than a lot I’ve had in the past. My friends & neighbors the Ellersicks hosted their annual party, and I was happy it was planned and I was invited before the IT folks got together and got out their invite. The IT crowd’s party is usually pretty good, but essentially a lot of people get drunk really fast and get sick, a few people don’t drink and leave early or go to other parties, and another smaller group drinks more slowly and watches a movie or plays a game or something. And the couples of course, hang out with each other, so it’s not a lot of fun for the single guy like me.

The Ellersicks party kind of died early last year, but was still fun. This year, there were like 40 people that came to hang out and eat and play games, and things were going on in several rooms at once. A fog machine and some music were setup in one room for dancing. People were playing Wii games in the living room. Some people were hanging out and talking. It was fun.

My ex, Kylara, showed up to visit this week. I didn’t see her all week, but I took her stuff she left at my house over to the Ellersicks so she could have it. That actually went pretty well, seeing her at the party. We talked some, and had a good time.

I was also especially happy that Vera, my friend I’ve been getting to know more recently, was able to make it to the party. She dressed up like a pirate, had a blonde wig on, and a piratey hat. She turns out to be a Boom Blox shark or savant or something. She also played Dirty Minds with several of us; she was on my team. We didn’t win, but it was still fun!

I think dancing might have been one of my most favorite activities of the evening. I haven’t been to the club in months and months, and I really only like dancing with my friends anyway, so that was a great idea.

Rounded the night off with watching “Shaun of the Dead” (the inspiration for my costume, of course! I was Shaun this year) and then a 4am trip to Huddle House. Afterwards, we returned to the Ellersicks and I got in the chair in the living room. Kylara slept on the couch for her whole 1 hour of sleep before she needed to get up and go to drive home for work on Saturday. When she got up, I hugged her goodbye and moved to the couch, where I slept till about 11:30am this morning before going home.

Not too shabby Halloween, not too shabby at all. Can’t wait ’till next year – I think I’m going to start now with finding pieces for my vampire costume. Here’s my costume, by the way:

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