Unusual Holiday Gift Idea: Cryo-Cell Gift Certificate

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The holiday season is fast approaching, many people shopped early and already have their Christmas shopping done, and most of us are waiting till the last minute to figure out what to get everyone. If you’re looking for something unusual or special to give to someone who is expecting a new baby, there’s a really neat idea (depending on how you feel about this sort of thing): give a Cryo-Cell gift certificate.

A Cryo-Cell gift certificate can be given in increments of $50 up to any amount, and will help a family have their child’s cord blood cells stored and cryogenically frozen. Studies have shown that all sorts of diseases such as leukemia, diabetes, lymphoma, and cerebral palsy. Imagine how they’ll feel if later on your gift saves that kid’s life?! It’s pretty amazing technology, and if you think they’ll use it, it’s a pretty thoughtful gift to some people.

Cryo-Cell is a company that can help these expecting parents preserve their child’s cord blood for years and years, and like I said, if you feel like this is an appropriate gift, they will remember it forever if they ever need it one day. Check out Cryo-Cell’s web site for their current offers.

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