Is It Still Safe to Invest in Stocks?

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With the stock market as a whole plummeting to dire straits, you would think it would be time to bail out before you lose all your assets, right? Wrong. That’s the problem facing the market right now: a self-perpetuating failure. People see the market plummet, so they’re taking out their money and causing it to plummet more. 

Taking your money out of the market isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you could be missing out on some fantastic opportunities. The stock market isn’t going to be in the dumps forever, and even the best financial analysts are hesitant still to use the “R” word. Prices are dropping, and this may very well be the best time to buy. All that money had to go somewhere when people sold their stocks, which means somebody made off like a bandit. 

If you’re not sure where to begin investing, or maybe you’re already investing and want some help from financially experienced people, check out It’s like MySpace for investors. You can read and vote on people’s stock picks and financial advice, and make high-rated analysts your friends in your Inner 8 circle of trusted advisors. 

The big investment firms and stock brokers are all going bankrupt, because they were greedy and made bad choices. The technology available now is better than it ever was for making smart forecasts about stock trades. Combine that with a community of investors, and you’ve got a formula for financial success. Inner8 is created by veterans of E*TRADE, who come with years of financial experience. Check it out if you think stocks could still be your avenue for successful investing!


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