Eat, Drink, or Die: Thomas McMuffin

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Today while surfing around the intertubes at work, I found this awesome web site – it’s like Food Network meets Video Blogging. They have regular chefs and shows, just like any other cooking network, but the hosts are awesome and the food they make isn’t always something fancy.

Case in point: my favorite simple recipe I saw today is Jon and Vinny’s “Thomas McMuffin” – their take on the famous breakfast food, the McMuffin, using Thomas English Muffins. It’s dead simple, and you probably have some form of the ingredients available at your house (unless you’re me, and you don’t really eat English Muffins all that much).

The best part of Eat, Drink, or Die is that the community can vote on each video – “Delicious” or “Die.” They have recipes for vegetarians and vegans, as well as meatatarians like me. Check out Jon & Vinny’s “Two Dudes,” “Tastes Like Home Cooking,” and Chris Wilson’s “Comfort Food” series.

See more recipes and videos at Eat Drink or Die
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