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It’s a pretty big stereotype that a lot of geeks wear glasses. Well, count me in – I usually don’t wear mine during the day, I have contact lenses that suit me just fine. But my glasses were chosen on purpose: they are cheap, plastic crappy frames and cheap, plastic, crappy lenses with no add-ons because I honestly don’t wear them enough to spend a lot on them.

If you’re a frugal shopper and reading this blog, you probably already know how to use the internet to find the best deals. I’ve heard of this site before, but had only recently actually seen it – Zenni Optical sells frames and lenses at dirt cheap prices! They’re able to sell you the lowest price eyeglasses available because they skip the middleman and sell you only the glasses they manufacture themselves, and they rely heavily on customer satisfaction and word of mouth because they have almost no advertising budget.

This company was mentioned on the Clark Howard show: apparently the basic pair of prescription glasses costs around $8. The shipping time may vary and some of the commenters on the show’s page talk about how they couldn’t access the site, it appears to timeout a lot even for me now. The commenters also say that the quality for the price is outstanding. I’m tempted to make this where I buy my next pair of prescription glasses, and maybe a pair of sunglasses, too!

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