Geeks Need Exercise, Too

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In the technology sector where I work, it’s pretty common for people to forget to exercise. You live and breath computers and are stuck in front of a desk all day, and then go home at night and cook dinner, manage home things like cleaning or chores, and then all you want to do is relax. On the weekends, all I want to do is sleep, and even then you need to exercise more often than just the weekends.

For those of you who have tried to lose weight, you’ve probably experienced that “plateau” where you just can’t seem to lose anymore weight without really killing yourself. I say, if we use technology and geekery to solve other problems, why can’t we hack our own bodies?

I read about this neat work out system being taught by one of those fancy Hollywood trainers that keep the stars in such crazy good shape. I’m not saying you should try and go all Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on us, but it’s always good for your health to exercise and eat right in moderation.

The system, called XFLOWSION has an interesting combination of martial arts, dance, and power yoga – the TRIPLE TRAINING is supposed to break up the routine of regular exercise by hitting your body rapidly and in different areas so that it continues to burn fat and tone muscles. That sounds pretty effective! The other good thing about us geeks with busy lifestyles is that the combined workout should only take about 1/3 of the time of most regular aerobic workouts. Also, if you’re A.D.D., you’re less likely to get bored.

The main thing for anyone trying to get back into exercising is to keep up the motivation to continue doing the exercises. It’s common psychology (more geekery) that results are the best motivator for doing just about anything, so it’s nice that people report seeing noticeable results in a short amount of time. You won’t drop 150 pounds in a week, or any astounding results like those “not a typical case” advertisements on TV, but you should be pleased with it if you stick to it.


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