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It’s been a rough couple of days. I’ve been sick, like – feel like I got hit by a truck sick. It knocked me out pretty hard yesterday, and I’m back at work today even though I probably shouldn’t be.

In tech news, Google released their new web browser (in beta, of course) called Google Chrome. In both technical and experiential aspects, Chrome is basically a mesh of Firefox code and Safari code, for a “best of both worlds” ideal experience. Google fans are already diehard allegianced to it, while some long-time Firefox fans are hesitant to switch. Not to say that a bevvy of applications and add-ons have been brought to the forefront already to bring existing Firefox features over to Chrome, or vice-versa!

In financial news, I’m pretty much broke. I pretty much blew through my inheritance (not that a lot of it wasn’t used responsibly, because it was) but I did a lot with it and I’m proud of myself. I also had my first house payment this month, so I’m still getting a feel for how much I can spend after bills are paid. Also, with the hurricane, gas prices went up a lot again, and stations keep running out of gas around here.

I’m also kind of worried about the U.S. economy with Merrill-Lynch selling itself to Giant Evil Corporation (GEC) Bank of America, and the Lehman Brothers investment firm going down without a buyer. The belt’s getting tighter, so to speak, and while I may have a job within the government that’s more secure than a lot of other companies out there, it’s still scary.

As for work, well, it’s work. And it’s Friday. I’ll leave it at that.

I met someone neat the other day on Facebook who pretended to stalk me. That was fun, and now I have a new friend who turns out to be pretty cool. It would have been scary, except I figured out exactly who they were within about 30 seconds.

Also – not that I made this mistake (I had friended this person already, because we met once before), but if you don’t want people to know stuff about you, don’t publish it out there on your Facebook or MySpace. As soon as it’s up there, it’s public information, especially if you suck at setting your privacy settings up correctly.

Grad school is still hard, but I’m making it through my first semester okay so far. I dread the week that I’m PM (Project Manager) of the week for my team in class. I think once we get a good set of processes for how we do stuff as a team, we’ll be okay.

Tonight is Game Night as usual, that should be fun! I always enjoy going to Game Night and hanging out with friends for fun and games. It’s relaxing, stress-relieving, and usually a great way to start the weekend.

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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