Don’t Forget: Don’t Think About the Game

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Popular (yet incredibly stupid) mind-virus game called “Lose the Game” has been growing in unpopularity over the last couple of years. Website talks about the game, and details the three simple rules:

1. You are playing the Game.

2. Don’t think about the Game. If you think about the Game, you lose.

3. You must announce your loss to those around you.

So you see, the key to winning the Game is to forget it exists. Anytime you remember, you fail and lose the Game. The fun comes from reminding people about the Game, and causing them to yell “CRAP! YOU JERK!” or other expletives at you. In fact, just by posting this, I’m going to cause several people to lose the game, including You. Even people subscribed to my RSS feed are losing when they read the title of this post. No one is safe, mua ha ha ha!

For those of you who don’t want to play any more, I offer this relief:

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