Amazon Prime Has Its Advantages

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So, I have more recently been learning to live within my means, and using my blog money to purchase the silly things that I want. I finally cashed out my Social Spark account for the last $50, and once it was in my PayPal account I transferred it out to my bank account.

So what did blogging buy me this month? I have pre-ordered the new Iron Man movie and the newest Incredible Hulk movie that had Edward Norton in it, both on Blu-Ray. I’ve been meaning to build up my Blu-Ray collection recently, but they’re still so darn expensive.

Amazon Prime is a pretty good investment if you’re interested in buying a lot from Amazon over six months to a year’s time. Basically it gives you free two-day shipping on unlimited items (not counting things from Amazon Marketplace sellers, only direct from for about $79. A few bucks per item, and after about 10-15 items it’s paid for itself. I buy books and dvds and now Blu-Ray movies from Amazon every couple of months, so it’s nice not to have to pay for shipping.

The Hulk movie comes out on Blu-Ray middle of September, and Iron Man comes out on Blu-Ray on September 30th. Learn how your blog or business can support my movie habit and make the mortgage each month.

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