The Saddest Facebook News Feed Item… Ever.

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This afternoon I logged on to Facebook, and I saw my Mom had made a change to her Facebook Profile. She updated her relationship status. My dad passed away in June, for those of you just tuning in.

I’m not making a comment on my Mom or the fact that she changed it. I have no issue at all. It was just one of those weird moments that when I read it I was like “Aw, I’m going to cry. Mom changed her relationship status on Facebook.” It was one of those rediculously surreal moments – and at the same time snaps you back to that reality that Dad’s really gone on to Heaven.

What if Mom starts dating again? I mean, I’m not against the idea. I just wonder if my protective instinct will allow me to be accepting of her being romantically interested in someone besides my father. Probably will. I’m a pretty understanding guy, and I want Mom to be happy.

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