The Dark Knight in Theaters Friday

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The latest installment of the newest Batman re-telling hits theaters this Friday, July 18th! Heath Ledger is being nominated for a posthumous Oscar for his performance as the Joker, Christian Bale is back as the new Batman, Michael Caine returns as Alfred, and Morgan Freeman makes his short appearance as Gadget Guy (I can’t be bothered with silly things like research).

Several viral marketing sites attempt to bring depth to the new movies, with sites like and letting visitors “in” to the Gotham City world.

I don’t know about any of you, but as excited as I was about the new Joker, I’m doubly excited about seeing Aaron Eckhardt as Harvey Dent, aka Two Face! Some photos are “leaked” around the internet of what he looks like post-accident, but I think they’re all photoshopped forgeries. If you pause the Hi-Def version of Trailer 4 on the scene with Harvey Dent holding a gun beside his face, you can see where he’s been burned around the edges, especially near his chin, and his suit is strikingly different on the side that’s barely visible.

My original impression was that we’d meet Harvey Dent in this film, and then see him turn into Two-Face later, but now it looks as though we may see a Two-Face by Friday’s new release!

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  • Frank J

    I was a huge Batman fan growing up and I look forward to this new release coming to theaters this week.

    Thanks Dave!

  • evpstud

    I loved the new batman movie. Been looking forward to this one for years. It’s a shame that the movie will always be clouded by the death of Heath, but at the same time, it’s on hell of a last role in cinema.

  • The Raging Tech

    @Frank J: Me too! I loved the Batman movie from the ’60s with Cat Woman, Penguin, and the Riddler, and the BAP! POW! BAM! WHAM! on the screen when they fought.

    I’ve pretty much hated the Batman series of movies after they stopped using Michael Keaton, but Batman Begins totally changed my perspective, and I think The Dark Knight is going to be amazing.

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