A Crazy Moving Weekend Ahead

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Yes, I know tomorrow is the Fourth of July, Independence Day here in the United States. And yes, I know it’s probably foolish to move the day afterwards. But gosh darn it, I’m excited about being in my new house.

Verizon sent me the wrong modem. They were supposed to send me a wireless router modem, but instead they sent me a plain, one-port DSL modem. Oh well. My roommate is giving me his wireless router DSL modem, so I’ll probably use that.

Satellite should also be a breeze – I’m just packing up the satellite boxes and taking them with me, the installer will be there on Monday to put the dish up on the new house.

I’m picking up the U-Haul on Saturday morning, and we’ll move everything then, and then probably need to come back to the old house to clean Saturday evening and maybe Sunday afternoon.

A four-day weekend is nice, but it’d be nicer if it wasn’t already planned out with tons of stuff to do! I don’t like moving, but it’ll be nice to get it all done and over with. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed in my own house, and spending my evenings after work for a while unpacking and finding places for things.

Maybe I’ll even get to paint in the next month or two. I’m thinking about deep navy blue for the living room with white trim. I need more wall art though. So far I have one painting and just a few posters to decorate with, along with some framed family photos. It’s weird to go from apartment-sized living to a whole house to fill. I will have some furniture, but not a lot. Enough furniture for me, for now at least.

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  • mom

    you might want to go with a light main color in the living room and a darker trim. it will make the room look brighter and warmer and more inviting. that is just a suggestion of course as it it your home. i love you and am very proud of you no matter what color you choose.

  • Nathan

    Sorry about being tied up all day Saturday! Let me know if there is anything else you need help with and I should be around after work this week.

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