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If you’re easily confused by terms like CPM, PPC, keyword purchasing, SEO, and the like, you’re probably not quite ready to manage your own internet marketing campaign. If you’re a small business or website operator, or even a large corporation, you’ll want someone helping you put your business out there for people to find, both in search engines and on web sites.

When you need performance advertising, you want to pay for your results. This can happen in one of two ways: you either pay someone to show your advertisement in “Bill Board Mode” where you pay every time it’s shown, or some systems are a pay per click program.

Network Solutions, the company most people know for their domain name registrar services, is promoting their PerformanceClicks program. This is perfect for people who don’t have time to manage their own keyword and internet search engine marketing. They can customize an AdWords or Yahoo campaign, or both, and get your business in local and global search results.

With enough information about you and your business, they can customize a marketing solution to drive only the targeted customers you want to your website or business. Why throw advertising dollars away on a hit-or-miss guessing game when you can have experts efficiently target your ads and write effective copy for you?

You can choose either a full-featured custom plan for around $400 a month, or if you’re on a tighter budget, there are several pre-packaged starter plans for around $125 a month. Hiring a full-time internet marketing agent or a firm to do this for you would cost you almost that much an hour, instead of per month.

Plus, you can order up customized landing pages, which means whatever topic your ad was on is what page your visitors will land on, making it easier to turn clicks into sales. And ultimately, sales, or ROI (Return-on-Investment) is what it’s all about.

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