Family Night Tonight

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The family night for my dad’s passing is tonight. We’re having “Family Night” in lieu of a viewing, since Dad’s being cremated. We are borrowing an urn, since Dad is being shipped off to the crematory in a city near the beach and won’t be back until Thursday.

We were in the funeral home again today, which made me think I might cry, but I didn’t. We setup the pictures of dad, saw some of the flowers that had been sent already, and set out some of Dad’s Hot Wheels toy car collection and clown collection. Ironically, one of the funeral home workers is scared of clowns.

We picked out the urn to borrow – Mom originally selected an understated one with a bird on it, and I said “Mom, we’re not paying for it. We’re not even buying it. We’re borrowing it. If we can borrow any one of them, let’s borrow the most expensive one.” So we did. We picked up a really beautiful urn that was cast bronze and blue something or other, very ornate and heavy.

So far there are already three sets of flowers, and we’ve gotten lots of sympathy cards, text messages, e-mails, Facebook Messages and Wall Posts, MySpace messages,  blog comments, and in-home visitations. It’s always comforting to know people care, especially when you feel like falling down in a time like this.

The song “Let It Be,” the version from the Across the Universe soundtrack, makes me cry. Almost every time I play it. Dad likes the Beatles, so we’re going to play them tonight at family night. I’ve only got “Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and “Across the Universe” on CD here at my mom’s house, so that’s what we’re going to use.

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  • Kathie Dickens & Lois Nickles

    When we read what you wrote, we cried! You are a very special man and we admire your Mom so very much. Your Grandma is our favorite aunt. She has been keeping us posted with what is going on. As we told your Mom, our prayers, thoughts, and love are with her, you and your sister. I wish we could have come up from Florida for the service. Losing a parent is so painful but knowing that he is at peace and in heaven, we hope will give you comfort in the coming days and weeks to come. We think it is beautiful that you are playing the music that your Dad loved so much.

    With love,
    Your cousins,
    Kathie and Lois

  • euphoricgirl

    my condolence to you and your family. losing a dad is unthinkable for me… may God give you strength to face this moment of grief and loss.

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