Beer and the Man-Hug

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Tvads_heineken_man_hug_300x206bIn Holland where Heineken is made, the saying is “Get the head right and the rest will follow,” a pun on the way the beer is served, with a large, frothy head. While I’m a dark beer drinker myself, my very first beer was a Heineken, which should show you how effective marketing can be. I never had a beer at parties or sporting events before that – my very first beer I had was my own choice, and I decided to try something that looked light and tasty, instead of dark and heavy.

If you’ve had too many beers though, you can be a little more friendly than you’d normally expect to be when you’re completely sober. If you’re already someone who’s not afraid to hug the same sex, it’s only going to be amplified when you’re tipsy. (Mom says the best way to avoid this is not to drink at all.)

Several European countries have social norms that make man-hugs a faux pas. I’d like to take a minute, and encourage my European readers to give a man-hug today, even if it’s a European Man Hug. A man hug is not effeminate or emasculating – it’s a powerful quick connecting of arms and a slap on the back that says “Hey, you’re a good guy, but I want no part with you, romantically speaking.” Check out this video below from Heineken:

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