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I have the best girlfriend-equivalent… ever.

We were talking on the phone last night while I was on the couch watching Family Guy and discussing weekend plans for when I go to my hometown to see my folks and pick her up. I was out of town two weekends ago with my friends Marq and Mia, and we stopped at a neat store on the way home and I got her some presents.

She was so cute, wanting to know what I got her but then wanting it to be a surprise. I think that’s why I got her more than one present, because I didn’t think I’d be able to resist telling her at least one. So I did, and now she’s intrigued about the other gifts. I guess she’ll have to wait and see when we get back here Sunday night!

The last couple days of this two weeks she’s been gone I’ve transformed from slightly down and missing her to doing good and still missing her, and then last night to “Woo hoo! Two more days and I get to see my girl!” She of course, encouraged this feeling by sending me two picture messages of herself smiling at me, one of which is now my cell phone wallpaper. And boy, is she ever gorgeous! Makes me happy.

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  • Chelle

    That is sweet – I’ve never heard of the term “girlfriend equivilent” before…is she like a girlfriend but you’re not actually dating? I’ve been in a few of those situations myself, lol.

  • Michael Aulia

    What, no picture? 🙂

  • The Raging Tech

    @Chelle: She’s leaving in the fall after she graduates, and we don’t say we’re boyfriend & girlfriend, we’re “going on dates” with exclusivity. But since we want names for what we are to each other, she decided she’s my “girlfriend-equivalent” and I’m her “boyfriend-equivalent.” I don’t pretend that makes sense to other people, but it works for us.

    @Michael Aulia: Heh. It’s not that I’m embarassed of her in any shape or form, but if I can get her to agree to let me post a picture of her, I’ll probably have to let her pick out which one.

    Rest assured, she is an absolute classic natural beauty – gorgeous without makeup or anything extra, and a smile that melts away frustrating days at my day job.

  • Nathan

    LOL, I love the “equivalent” terms for basically the same thing.

    Glad you get to see here again finally!

    On a side note, I can’t really see the lines surrounding the fields for when you do comments (the name/mail/website/comment itself fields). They are very light colored and hard to see at least on Firefox, maybe its just me?

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