One Week Left

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It’s one week left until my girlfriend-equivalent returns from out of town. I’m supposed to meet her back in my hometown where she’s visiting a friend, and I’ll be picking her up and bringing her back here.

I’ve missed her a lot, and most of you probably don’t care – but I haven’t really been as enthused about my day-to-day without her around.

She makes me happy, and it’s nice to have someone around that you know cares about you and you can share your thoughts with. Friends are good for this too, although with a couple of exceptions a lot of them have been unavailable during this past week. My friend Marq’s been good to me, hanging out and watching TV and playing video games, keeping my mind off things.

I’m off work on Friday, which I plan to spend driving to my folks’ house 5 hours away. I may see her then, we’re possibly going to see Prince Caspian (the new Narnia movie) this weekend.

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