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My wildest vacation was not wild as you suppose. I didn’t get drunk or go party in the city night life. I did, however, see a whole lot of culture on my stay in the Windy City – Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago is, as many of you know, the site of most scenes from the Blues Brothers movie. It’s interesting to go and try to spot all the historic sites from the movie, including the street corner in which Mr. T was an extra during the car chase scene.

Chicago is home of the blues – and boy was it easy to find! There are tons of blues cafe’s and historical museums that highlight local and famous jazz and blues musicians.

If you tune in to the radio late at night, sometimes you’ll actually hear Dan Akroyd as Elwood Blues doing a radio show!

The city tour is really where you should head if you’re interested in learning about the city and seeing the sights. Many companies offer double-decker bus tours, boat tours, and walking tours of downtown Chicago. If you’re from a smaller town, you’ll want to take precautions of course. Many morally bankrupt people will try to scam tourists and out-of-towners by pretending to be helpful and then either cheating you or giving you bad directions. If someone approaches you offering directions in exchange for a tip, ask them to take you and offer a little extra if they’re willing.

Chicago is the home of many television shows, movies, recording artists, actors, and sports figures. It’s entirely worth the time to explore this city. If you’ve never been, you should talk to a travel agent and book a tour with Trusted Tours. They’ll help you find things to do in Chicago, like sightseeing tours.

Trusted Tours & Attractions has a promo going on right now where if you sign up for their newsletter, you could win an $150 iTunes gift card. Also, if you’re booking a trip elsewhere, and were looking for say, things to do in Orlando, or Things to do in Las Vegas they have those too!

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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  • badfrog

    “If someone approaches you offering directions in exchange for a tip, ask them to take you and offer a little extra if they’re willing.”

    Umm, no. This is a very bad idea. “Please take me to a place where you and your friends can rob me. Or rape and murder me, or whatever. I’ll tip you.”

    If you need directions, ask an EMPLOYEE somewhere that you can find again if it turns out criminal. Someone with their name above their pocket. “Mike, where is city hall?” or ask a cop, or a librarian, or the owner of a small botique or a non-chain fast food place. Never a customer.

    Unless you and your friends are seriously armed. Which is illegal in Czechago.

    Chicago has signs up that say “Watch your speed–WE are.” Maybe take a vacation in Wisconsin. Or someplace peaceful, that doesn’t try to abrogate your second amendment rights.

  • The Raging Tech

    @badfrog: I don’t think that’s the same sort of scenario. In the middle of the city, on a crowded street, you’ll often get homeless guys or unemployed people who know the area hanging out just waiting to be freelance tour guides for a good tip. If you were going to toss these guys a buck anyway, why not get them to show you a good restaurant or store tourists like, as long as it’s not far.

    You’d use common sense about traveling in a group and not going down an alley or anything like that where muggings and such could happen. You use your head, that’s what it’s there for. But there’s no reason to be so jaded you can’t help someone out while you’re on vacation.

    Always take precautions when traveling, such as a can of pepperspray or a low-voltage taser or something. Unless of course you’re flying there, in which case you’d want to pick one up once you arrived and maybe mail it home.

  • Kylara

    When did you go to Chicago?

    I want to go there. I was going to try and plan a trip there over Spring Break, but it didn’t work out.

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