You Can Sell Almost Anything on eBay

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Did someone you know recently die? Funerals are expensive, and so are coffins. But in today’s buy-everything-on-the-internet tradition, you can absolutely find it on eBay. I first got this idea when my uncle died a few years ago. I was trying to bring some levity to give people a chance to laugh. We all missed him dearly, and he always made us laugh.

I was at my mom’s house sitting at her computer and I said “Hey, I bet we can save the family some money and order the casket online, and get it rushed. That’s probably faster and cheaper than picking one out in the store. I’ve never bought a coffin before, do they come in sizes?” and my family burst into laughter. Then they came over to see the screen, and were amazed to actually see the item for sale.

Some caskets can cost thousands of dollars. This is a substantial savings over what you’d be pressured into buying from the local funeral home. This is especially helpful if your recently deceased loved one hasn’t bothered to purchase life insurance, or they owe so much you can’t afford to bury them.

If people can sell anything on eBay, so can you! Brick-and-mortar iSold It stores are setup especially for people who don’t want to bother learning to post their own auctions or handle their own money collection. You basically pay the iSold IT store to sell it for you, and they give you what’s leftover after eBay and their fees and shipping costs.

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  • Kylara

    Also, people sell grave sites and mausoleum spots in the classifieds in newspapers. I’ve always that was so weird.

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