Crazy Cross-State Trips are Awesome

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Last weekend I went with a friend half-way across the state to help him move his sister out of her apartment and into a new one, due to some domestic problems with her boyfriend. Friday night, we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, and then Saturday we moved her and that night stayed at an Embassy Suites hotel. That’s the same kind of hotel we stayed in on my weekend trip back in February, so we took advantage of the happy hour free booze from 5:30 – 7:30pm.

I had two Manhattans, two of some drink the bartender named “Whatchamacalit,” a margarita, two rum and cokes, two whiskey sours, and I finished off with a regular diet coke. I was fine going back up to the room and hanging out and watching TV and talking with my friend and his parents, and I kept dozing off, so I finally went to bed.

Sunday was a long day – spent some time at my friend’s parents house while they did business, and I worked on a new project I’m involved in: Tech Jaws – a tech news site. Check it out, show it to your friends, and be sure and Digg any articles you think are interesting!

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  • blogzilla

    I been through that driving down to Kentucky into Tenn. It was a blast and boy did I party that weekend, but I do every weekend, oh well.

  • careing friend

    i’m sure the parting was fun but don’t forget medical situations and alcohol do not necessarily go together in large quantities.

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