Coming Soon: Logitech Harmony One Full Review

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Hey everyone. Just a heads up – I received my Logitech Harmony One universal remote control – and it is completely awesome. The long and short of it is I like it a lot – it found devices no other universal remote has ever found for me before, and it even has provisional support for my Playstation 3 if I can buy the IR-bluetooth adapter.

As I wrote earlier this morning, I’m going out of town this weekend, but I’ll be working on my review and should have something Monday morning to share with all of you.

The reason this is exciting to me is that this will be the first review of a technology gadget that’s been sent to me for free to review. I’ve done reviews of things I already owned before, but this certainly makes me feel good about the reviewing and posting I’ve been doing here so far.

Thanks to my readers – it’s you guys who give me the numbers to show people I’m worth advertising with / sponsoring / sending cool free stuff to review. Don’t forget – if you like my blog and find it interesting, share the URL with your friends and family, add me to your blog roll, and subscribe to my RSS feed!

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