French Filmmakers Test ‘Boundaries’ with Movie ‘Frontiers’

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Coming soon to select theaters from French film company After Dark is a horror movie called “Frontiers(s)” that is supposed to rival blockbuster hits like “Saw” and “Hostel” in its goriness and suspense. The trailer is available to watch now at Frontiers Unrated Frontier(s). You have to enter the site and navigate almost all the way to the right to get to the even gorier unrated trailer.

My favorite thing about watching horror movies, since it’s hard to actually scare me when I’m watching a movie, is things that are almost feasible that make you cringe, such as torture or really shocking violent imagery. The kind of horror movies I can’t watch are the ones that depict some pain or torture just too horrible to picture myself enduring. It looks like this is a movie that might test that limit for me.

The trailer shows people being beaten, swung at with axes, one guy gets his Achilles tendon snipped by bolt cutters, and you see a guy with a table saw starting up the blades. The final image of the trailer before the title is just a woman with short hair screaming in agony.

The trailer on the main page is way less informative than the unrated one deeper in, so be sure and find it on the site. Also, this film is one of the few unrated films to actually make it to theaters. Most films get cut for theaters and then release an unrated version on DVD later.

What’s neat is this movie is only showing in a few select theaters starting May 9th, and just 4 days later on May 13th it comes out on DVD. If you can, I’d recommend seeing it in theaters first unless your home theater system is just awesome.

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