Holiday Alert: Mother’s Day is Upon Us

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Mother’s Day in the United States is May 11th, 2008, and it’s fast approaching. There are lots of people who will be posting “Top 10 gifts” lists and their own opinions on what you should or shouldn’t give your Mother for Mother’s Day. There will be plenty of articles on giving “green” or environmentally friendly gifts. And rest assured, there will be plenty of sappy commercials on TV from jewelry stores.

If you’re undecided, give your mom a hug, a smile, an “I love you” and maybe some flowers this mother’s day.

For my mom, I’m planning on sending her some online love or a phone call the day of – and then later when I can come home for the weekend I might take her out to dinner or do some other nice thing for her. I’m not really sure yet. Because of the distance away that I live from my family, it’s hard to get home for things on specific dates other than major holidays (Christmas & Easter & Thanksgiving).

If you’re still stuck on what to do, visit and check out their Mother’s Day gift ideas – they’re more than just flowers, they have an assortment of gifts and accessories.

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