Put Your Ugly Mug on Anything

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That’s right. You can put your ugly mug on anything, even an ugly mug! Or a t-shirt, or a mouse pad [Note: despite popular opinion, mouse pads are not feminine protection for mice], or a calendar, or just about anything else that can be printed on.

What’s even better is you don’t have to sacrifice quality to get them cheap! The last two or three times I’ve needed business cards for several enterprising ventures of mine, I’ve had them printed up with VistaPrint. If you’re a first time customer, they can give you some basic cards for free (you just pay shipping). You can also get other free stuff as a way to try out their services.

If you’re a regular customer, they send you e-mails with huge discounts on stationary, calendars, business cards, and other cool print items and personalized office accessories. If you haven’t heard of them before, be sure and check them out for just about any of your print needs. You can even order checks with your design on it! Shipping is fast and inexpensive, and their packaging is unique! My cards always come in a white box that can be easily folded back and used as a display holder for my desk. I’ve also purchased a cool metal business card holder, so my cards don’t get all bended in my wallet or pocket.

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