Prepare for Disaster Recovery: Rebit Data Back-Up

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If you think you’re exempt from the cataclysmic eventuality of computer hard drive failure, think again. Hard drives are only meant to last for a few years, tops! Maybe you’re one of those people that feels the best back-up solution is to burn everything to a CD, or e-mail your important files to yourself.

The problem comes when you do experience a failure, and you are fortunate enough to be able to afford a new hard drive to put in, and then you have to spend hours and hours putting things back where they used to be. Did you remember to back-up your web browser bookmarks? Did you remember to back-up your e-mails? Did you remember to back-up those important family photos?

Take a little stress out of your life and purchase a hassle-free all-inclusive back-up solution like a Rebit USB hard drive backup device. Plug it in and it will automatically back-up all of your important data, Windows, applications, e-mails, music, documents, you name it. It will do periodic backups to make sure you have the latest versions of all your files in case of an emergency.

The beauty of backing up everything, is that when recovery time comes (God forbid) you’ll be back up in record time. Or, you could spend hours and hours and get a migraine from sitting in front of the screen dragging and copying files and switching out CDs or DVDs or downloading your files that you e-mailed to yourself.

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