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Google Page Rank has been king of the web for far too long. They use a “mysterious” and “magical” formula whose inner workings is only barely understood by the public. GPR also has a certain amount of manual human adjustment to weed out those that “cheat the system.” How biased or unbiased this system is has been subject of some debate among bloggers.

Now is the time for change – bloggers can take ranking back into their own hands again. Izea Inc., the company behind PayPerPost and SocialSpark and RockStartUp and firm spacebar atheists when it comes to titles, have launched This RealRank system is based on the actual popularity and traffic to your site, and is reserved specially for bloggers.

It’s fairly simple to install and use – just visit and sign up, then get the code for the ITK tools (a small snippet of Javascript) that you put into your blog’s HTML code. Usually that’s somewhere inside your blog’s template. Their website has instructions on where it should go.

Once installed, the IzeaRanks RealRank system will show you how many site visitors you have per day and on average for the week and show you on a line graph how you do on a month-to-month basis. You’ll then be ranked amongst other RealRank bloggers. There are already thousands of other blogs on this system, so you don’t have to feel like your ranking is artificially inflated because of a low number of initial rankings.

Finally, show off your blog’s ranking using an IzeaRanks badge, another small snippet of code you can put in your blog’s sidebar or other location that displays your rank for bragging rights.

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