Weeds: A Showtime Series

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I am normally pretty strongly against watching dramas and series on Showtime and HBO, and it’s been easier to avoid them since I moved out of my mom’s house because I don’t have those channels. I watched the first couple seasons of the Sopranos, and four seasons of Oz back when that was on. But then I just sort of lost the taste for the foul-mouthed and edgier shows that can’t air on regular television.

I read the premise of this comedy, Weeds, that airs on Showtime, and decided to add season one to my Netflix queue. Basically, it’s the story of a recently-widowed mother with two sons in the suburbs. Between soccer matches, PTA meetings, and other aspects of an otherwise dull life, she turns to dealing pot to pay the bills. Weeds is compelling because we get to watch the main character balance life as a full-time single mom with being a full-time “entrepreneur.” I’m about four episodes in, and so far it’s pretty enjoyable. The language is crude, and some of the topics are very mature, not to mention obvious drug content. I don’t recall any nudity or strong violence so far, but it’s definitely not family-friendly.

So, my overall opinion is – it’s hilarious, but vulgar. Watch with discretion, and if you get further along than I do in the series and it’s too offensive, just turn it off. It’s that simple. I’m still not set on watching the whole thing. They’ve put out three seasons so far.

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