My Thoughts on Blue-Ray and the PS3 So Far

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As I’ve written before, I recently purchased a Sony Playstation 3 with my income tax refund. I must say, it’s completely awesome. It’s everything I expected it to be, and I only wish there were more hours of the day for me to play with it.

I purchased several downloadable games including PAIN, Everyday Shooter (most mellow Asteroids-like game ever), Rampage, and Stardust HD. I also bought Call of Duty 4 from the store but haven’t had a chance to play much through the single-player. Multiplayer is a lot of fun though!

My PS3 has been my initiation into the Blu-Ray world. Since watching Spiderman 3 (the movie that came in the package when I bought the console), I’ve watched “Die Hard” and “War” in Blu-Ray, and the quality is just outstanding. The features are neat, but not necessarily show-stoppers.

They certainly aren’t worth $30 a movie, which is what most places are charging. So that’s why I was thrilled to learn that NetFlix offers Blu-Ray movies, and it doesn’t increase the cost of your subscription. I upgraded my account last week, and now I can have 4 of any combination of DVD and Blu-Ray discs out at a time.

I’m also thinking about opening up a basic GameFly account so I can rent PS3 games on the cheap.  They seem to have the latest stuff, and I’m excited about renting Gran Tourismo 5 – so I think when I get paid on Monday I’m going to start an account with them.

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