A Little Help From My Friends

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This weekend I went on a double date with some friends. Only instead of the norm, Ruff was my date and Kendall was Kylara’s date. I paid for my own food, because I’m a man. Ruff paid for his own food, because he’s a man. And Kylara got paid for by Kendall because she had some lottery money. Kylara dressed up really gorgeous, and occasionally flirted with me or smiled at me and pretty much drove me crazy because she wasn’t my date for the night. If her date had been Ruff I might have killed him.

One of the neat things about a man date (no, I’m not gay, just to disambiguate) is that you don’t have to talk. It’s not that I don’t like to talk – it’s just a guy understanding that just because I don’t talk doesn’t mean I’m mad at you or upset about something. Not all girls think that way, but men don’t even have to consider it.

Also, Golden Corral equals awesome. I haven’t been to one in a long time, but they basically bend Ryan’s over their knee and spank them profusely. Ryan’s is good, but oh sweet GC and their delicious steaks, shrimp, bourbon chicken, ribs, and other delectable foods that don’t taste like they’ve been sitting around unattended for hours. Ryan’s, you have a lot to learn about fresh and delicious food.

After we ate, we went to Books-a-million, which might be on its way to being my favorite store in Asheville. I got a small notebook to write quick notes and personal thoughts in when I’m away from a computer and my blog. Kylara continued to flirt with me and as we walked out of the store we saw Ruff and Kendall embracing and I jokingly called him a cheating bastard. Kylara was pretty much mine for the rest of the night.

Yesterday (Sunday), I played Super Smash Brothers Brawl, recently released for the Nintendo Wii. It was pretty awesome. I was a fan of it’s predecessor, Super Smash Brothers Melee on the Nintendo Gamecube system. I’m doing alright playing as Kirby or Pikachu, but most of my friends say playing those characters is cheating.

I finally got Call of Duty 4 into the Playstation 3 – I’ve been trying to find time to play it since I bought my Playstation 3. I only played through the tutorial a little bit, but it looks like it’s going to be a whole lot of fun. Several of my friends have said that it’s addictive to play, so I’m looking forward to getting into it some more.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone – enjoy it responsibly! I’ll post pictures of the green beer we make tonight later on.

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