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This past week of my life went by pretty slowly, and enjoyably. The university I work for (and several of my friends still attend) was on Spring Break last week. I still had to work, but it was considerably easier with the students gone. It really felt like I was on my own Spring Break, but still had to work during the day.

A quick recap: Friday a week ago, I went to Greensboro and stayed at the Embassy Suites hotel where I participated in free drinks at Happy Hour, swam in a pool & soaked in a hot tub, and had free breakfast the next morning.

Tuesday, I went to Asheville with friends and we did some mall shopping and ate at the Olive Garden (or The OG, as I like to call it).

Wednesday I went back to Asheville for my friend Daniel’s birthday, and we ate at Wild Wings and then went to the Asheville Pizza & Brewery (which also plays films) and watched Sweeny Todd.

Thursday, Marq, Melissa and I went to get our ears pierced (along with Ruff, who didn’t get them done), then ate at the Chinese buffet.

Friday was our usual hi-jinx: Huddle House and Game Night at Marq and Melissa’s house.

Saturday, I took Kylara to Waynesville where we took in some sights – including the Mast General Store. They have a HUGE selection of candy, including a sugar-free selection of goodies for diabetics like me. I got some sugar free buttons, chocolate-covered raisins, gummy bears, and some other fun stuff. All included, we bought about 3 pounds of candy. I also got some huckleberry jelly and some vidalia onion ranch dressing. We ate lunch at a dive called Clyde’s. I had a barbecue sandwich (Western North Carolina style, non-vinegar-based) and some fries and ordered a side of hushpuppies. It was all so delicious, I’m pretty sure I’ll eat there again.

Sunday was a lazy, restful day. I hung around the house after I woke up, and Kylara came over and watched TV with me. I made plans with Aron for dinner and hanging out, so he came over and I made Manwiches. We watched The Faculty on television (which has some hilarious editing for TV censorship) and then put in my DVD of The Island. My roommates also returned from their various trips home for Spring Break, so it became a full house again.

Now it’s Monday and I’m back at work. Life is pretty good. Check out “All Black” by Good Charlotte. I like that song.

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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